What is a Shadow Druid?

We Serve The White Lady.

Over thirty years ago, Scaith Maistir, Rev. Dr. Daye Condon was trained by his great-grandmother Elizabeth, who was also his first mentor and teacher, she explained it to him like this:

"We live in the world of the living, where our Spirits reside in physical bodies, and interact with what most people think of as Reality. There are other worlds, however, that exist all around us and often right along with us. They are as far as the farthest star, yet as close as your own heartbeat. These worlds, these realms, all have their own rules, their own inhabitants, and their own natures. Between our world, and all of the myriad others, is the Veil, a boundary that keeps the worlds separate. Watched over by the Lady of Shadows, or the White Lady, the Cailleach, this veil helps keep this world distinct, and allows for us to explore the lessons it offers without the interference of other realms cohabiting with us.

As a Shadow Druid, we serve the White Lady, helping her to maintain the veil and to keep this world free from too much unbalanced outside influence."

Not everyone can do this job. Few would want to.

We work directly with the dead or dying, helping to put them to rest, or let go of what binds them here, so they can move on in their Soul's Journey.

Also, We work to restore balance where it has been lost.  I find and clean up messes before they become a major problem.  We have been referred to as ‘The Cosmic Janitors.’

Like all Druids, We venerate the Tuatha, and work with all of them in my rituals as called for. However, I work more closely with my Lady than with the others.

One of the harsher realities of being a Shadow Druid is learning how to maintain balance within our own self, while also maintain the balance of Energies in all of the Worlds around us.

Any questions can be emailed to the Scaith Maistir Daye